EMSLOGO EMS Components Assembly, Inc. (EMS-CAI) is a 100% Filipino-owned company whose main charter is to provide cost-effective, efficienct solutions to the growing global electronic manufacturing subcontracting market. On February 16, 2004, with only 90 operators and 3 managers, EMS-CAI started its operations in Sta. Rosa, Laguna in a 1,500-square meter facility.


Established in 2010, Alliance Mansols Inc (AMI), is a subsidiary of EMSCAI, is a management solutions provider for the semiconductor and electronics industry. Its main services include Surface Mount Technology (SMT) subcontracting, Learning Services and provision of Skilled Workforce.


Established in 2012, EMS Land Services Inc., a subsidiary of EMSCAI, provides Land, Building Facilities and Business Start-up Arrangements that meet exacting standards and requirements of the semiconductor and electronics industry.


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