EMS Awards its 5 and 10-year Service Awardees

In its celebration of 11 productive years, EMS Group of Companies has given recognition to its employees who unselfishly rendered service as operators, group leaders, supervisors and manager for five and ten years. The celebration was held in EMS Hall on Feb. 16, 2015. The celebration started with a message from EMS President Mr. Perry Ferrer.

Aside from the distribution of certificates and tokens of recognition, the highlight of the event was the part when messages and testimonies of the awardees were shared to the EMS family.

One testimony centered on the day to day experiences in EMS where there are mistakes and learnings that made her a better person.

Mr. Art Ledonio, TQM Manager, also received the ten year award and shared stories about his beginnings as part of EMS family. HIs message centered on being assertive as one component in a person's success in any career.

EMS Chairman, Mr. Francis I. Ferrer, congratulated the awardees for being conscious about productivity through their perfect attendance for 1,5 and ten years and loyalty through the number of years that they have served the company. He also ensured stronger rewards system to EMS  Group employees. He further thanked all employees for a good 2014.  He stated that the projection for 2015 is even higher than the previous year. He emphasized the goodness of God with the good developments in EMS in terms of its growing number of clients and inclusion of other services.

The event included a presentation of the year's Mr. and Ms. EMS Group candidates. with 6 participants each representing groups from AMI Operations, EMS Support, AMI SMT, TIP LTI, Eaton Copper, EMS In-house. The coronation night will be held on the 23rd of February.

The event ended with a closing remarks by EMS President, Mr. Perry A. Ferrer. He emphasized that the success of a company is possible because of the collective efforts of its employees. He emphasized that humility and simplicity should continue to guide EMS as it becomes stronger and stronger in the coming years.


Business Support Service EMSCAI supports customer to comply all regulatory and statutory requirements to establish a company in the Philippines. Such are: Company Incorporation and other Government Registrations, PEZA Project Registration, Visa Issuance, Financing Advisory, etc.


Facilities ManagementEMSCAI support to the overall facilitation such as: Building, Leasable Area, Nursery Facility, Equipment Purchase Agreement and Dormitory Services.


Organizational Support EMSCAI supports to the management of manufacturing operations such are: Training Services, Human Resource (e.g. Assembly, Engineering, Technical Support, Engineering Management, TQM Management, etc.

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