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Criteria, Eligibility and Guidelines

I. Objective

To enrich every individual’s quality of life through education and employment, thus helping people become self-sufficient and productive in order to participate in family and community building.

II. Policies

Employee Eligibility:

  1. Scholarship is open to dependents (children, step/half children, sibling, step/half sibling)of EMS-Group employees, except those occupying managerial and executive positions.
  2. Eligible employees can only apply for ONE scholar per family  (either child or sibling). In case of two children/siblings, priority will be given to the student candidate with higher grade level.
  3. The Employee Applicant Eligibility shall be determined based in an order of priority below.
    Employee Eligibility Student Eligibility
    1. Regular Employees with child/sibling

    Grade 10, 11 & 12

    Higher Studies Program

    2. Project-Based employees with child/sibling Grade 10, 11 & 12

  4. Project-based employees with at least ONE (1) month employment tenure are qualified to apply for the scholarship
  5. Participation for the Higher Studies Program can only be availed by “EMS Group regular employees”.


Student Applicant Eligibility:

  1. Must be a Filipino citizen.
  2. The scholarship recipient must be presently enrolled in any DepEd public school / Affiliated Institutions for K-12, or Public or State University / TESDA / Partner School for HSP.
  3. Must have a passing Grade Point Average.
  4. Not a recipient of other private or public scholarship program or any financial aid.
  5. No previous police record.


III. Rules and Regulations

  1. Employee Data Form, Student Application Form, and all essays must be filled-out and completed personally and individually, by the employee and the student applicant.Incomplete documentation and information may    result to non-processing of application.
  2. Misinformation and / or withholding of information are subject to immediate disqualification.
  3. Termination of employment at the selection process nullifies application.
  4. When an employee’s employment is terminated (from just or authorized causes) while scholar recipient is still in school, scholarship subsidy shall continue until completion of school year.
  5. When an employee’s employment is terminated due to “self-initiated resignation” or ‘with cause’, scholarship shall also be terminated.
  6. When an employee’s employment is terminated due to “health concerns”, the Executive Committee, depending on its discretion, may continue to grant the scholarship, provided a duly certified medical certificate and letter request to continue funding is submitted and presented. 
  7. In cases wherein, an employee that has qualified for the scholarship grant, but is separated from the company due to normal resignation or health concerns, entitlement to the Scholarship, may be transferred and continued, provided that the employee has an employee sibling working with the company and have been employed for at least ONE (1) month.

Application Guide

1. Read the Criteria and Eligibility

for scholarship program application. Check if both of the employee and student are qualified for the program.

2. Application forms are available at EMS-CAI HR Office and AMI HR Office
or you can download it from the Application page.

3. Fill out the required fields and make certain that the information you have given was truthful.

4. Application forms can be submitted by uploading them through this
site or by submitting them directly to EMS-CAI HR office or AMI HR office.

5. Wait for the response or phone call from HR Representative to know if you are eligible for scholarship program.

6. If qualified, prepare all the necessary requirements and be prepared
for an interview at AMI.

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